Our Place 

Our Place is a new Shooting Fish production written by David Lane, directed by Emily Bignell. It was commissioned as part of the REConnecting Lincolnshire project, developed  and delivered in collaboration with the Diocese of Lincoln Board of Education, cultural solution uk and independent producer Leanne Taylor. 

Schools on the East coast and Grantham took were involved in the development of the script, the production design and build, digital content and performance alongside professional actors Xsara Sheneille Price, David Byrne and Reiss Kershi-Hussain. In 2019 over 1600 young people saw the play and took part in pre or post performance creative learning workshops. 


‘They’ve already decided what our truth is. So much easier not to question it.’ 

Ali’s parents have moved the family from Skegness because ‘… imams shouldn’t run assemblies’. Josh’s Mum has moved their family from Lincoln because his Dad had a crisis of faith. Beth’s living with her grandparents and grieving for her Mum, but discovering strength in the church. Each young person carries a story that has left them on the outside. 

Three eleven-year-olds from across Lincolnshire are thrown together at the end of Year 6, their normal lives ripped from their foundations. In a rural village in the heart of the county they form a friendship, forging new identities as they hurtle towards the end of term. But their friendship is only as complete as the stories they’re willing to share – and as the summer holidays approach, their futures depend on questioning the truths of the generations above them. If you knew you believed in something different, would you stand up and be counted? 

Tackling faith, diversity, spiritual growth and the generational divide from the perspectives of three eleven-year-olds, Our Place takes young audiences on a journey they’ll immediately recognise. Exploring challenging questions about identity in an ever-changing local and national landscape, it stages the tough realities of making change in a world run by adults whilst celebrating the positivity of difference. 

Future Plans

In 2020 the play will be revived and performed to over 2500 year 6 students as part of Lincoln Cathedrals Schools Festival. More information about this project please visit www.reconectlincs.co.uk.

Due to Covid19 this programme will now be a radio play and education pack. 

The education pack will be filled with lesson plans and activities which cover the following themes: Futures, Identity, Respecting Differences, Beliefs, Disagreeing Well through film, art, writing, drama, PHSE and RE activities.

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