About Shooting Fish

Shooting Fish are a professional new-writing theatre company with bases in Lincoln and Bristol. Originally founded by writer/director Darren Bolton in 2002 the company began in his home town of Immingham, North East Lincolnshire and was formerly incorporated in 2005. From the first production, Rat Race, to the development of experimental new work, such as Laminated, the company are committed to exploring the boundaries of creative practices; challenging and developing skills and relationships, working across disciplines and developing interesting and engaging new writing theatre production.  For more information on productions see here.

One of the core ethos’ of the company is the production of new writing for and with communities, often working in areas of high deprivation, where there is little or no arts activity. We are dedicated  to and passionate about using theatre for social benefit; as an educational tool, to build community cohesion, for the development of life skills, for enjoyment and well being, and to enable communities to have a platform to explore and voice issues of importance. For more information about our community engagement please see here.

Core Beliefs

  • Everyone has the right to experience, take part in and enjoy arts activities;
  • Artists and arts professionals should be able to explore and examine their own practises in a space that encourages risk and freedom of ideas;
  • Working with new people and in new ways challenges our practise, our thinking and our work;
  • Theatre should be engaging, exciting and offer audiences something new or different;
  • That the work we do (production and education) should be inclusive, accessible and open to all.

Aims and Objectives

  • To be leading practitioners of the theatre arts across our professional production, community and education work.
  • To produce high quality, professional theatre and performance work, championing new writing, inter-disciplinary partnerships and emerging creative talents.
  • To develop the arts within the Yorkshire and Humber and Lincolnshire regions by inviting professionals and non-professionals to engage in creative processes across all areas of work, in partnership with the regions key governing bodies, education authorities, communities and artists.
  • To support, train and develop new and emerging practitioners, encouraging graduate retention and growth of existing talents.  To offer a network for practitioners to collaborate and share skills, and championing and showcasing the regions talent.
  • To promote arts across the region by involving non-professionals in the creative process; producing educational outreach work; and performing in a wide variety of settings.
  • To bring together artists and non-artists from different social and cultural backgrounds through training, production processes, artistic activities and other related events.
  • To create and promote original, cross arts and theatrical work that is accessible to a wide range of audiences and participants.