10:01 The Minute They Came

’10:01 The Minute They Came’ was written by Neil Edwards and directed by Emily Bignell and was produced as part of the 2018 Gainsborough Literacy Project. Shooting Fish worked with young people to write and co-produce this new work with the support of professional artists. The young people involved are not in full-time education, training or employment, or are struggling with mainstream education because of learning and/or behavioural difficulties and additional literacy needs.

10:01 The Minute They Came was performed at Trinity Arts Centre, Gainsborough in June 2018.

After witnessing her baby daughter snatched from her cot by aliens on the sprawling farm she shares with her husband, wealthy heiress Rachel Coombs wonders if she will ever be reunited with her daughter again.

But was it her daughter who was taken . . . or just her sanity?










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