Execs at Niggle Productions are thrilled when teen sensation Ronan Stingmore is crowned winner of the hugely successful TV talent shoe: ‘Sing for you Supper’. He had the looks, the talent, but above all the perfect back story, around which a media frenzy (and a great deal of cash) can be whipped up. It’s all Ronan has ever dreamed of doing: a chance to write and perform his own music, to live the celebrity lifestyle and be loved by millions of adoring fans around the world. But with pressure form Niggle mounting daily, and an increasing number of sacrifices bering demanded of him, Ronan must assess whether being famous is all it’s cracked up to be, and just how far he’s willing to go in order to achieve his dream of becoming the worlds biggest pop star.

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Backstory was Co-produced with literacy learners at the Foundry Centre in Gainsborough in collaboration with professional artists; writer Neil Edwards, director Emily Bignell, dramatist Laura Kavanagh, production designer Laura Cordery and Stage Manager Madeep Khar Boghul.  Backstory was performed by Dean Bone, Kimberly Hart-Simpson, Stephen Gregory and Hayden Holden, previewing at the Trinity Arts Centre in February 2015.


DJS Arts, Awards For All, The Mighty Creatives, West Lindsey Council, Community First


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